Tiring of the same old wax on wax off?  Do you feel like your current mentor is taking advantage of you?  Do you find yourself completing his home improvement projects while he watches reruns of Dallas and sips green tea from the comfort and safety of his lazy boy recliner?

If you answered yes to any or none of those questions I may have the solution to your problems and the key to all your hopes and dreams.

 LITHIUM PICNIC PHOTO-JITSU: The Fast Track to Awesome.

I’m offering a pre-registration special for one on one mentoring sessions on camera operation, studio and/or natural lighting, post production and workflow

I usually break these sessions into 3 sections. At the clients request I’ve done some that were 3 solid hours on lne topic like retouching  or focusing solely on studio lighting.

For the first hour we usually go over aproach,  basic or advanced technical theory, my philosophy,  your current frustrations and goals, and anything else you would like to cover.  Anything from working with difficult models to f stops and getting the shots you see in your head but havn’t been able to execute.

Second hour often involves shooting a model while I assist and coach and cover my  philosophy on lighting and shooting. I’ll be looking for remedies to the pain points you identified and making suggestions. I can also help coach and direct the model if you woulld like to see how I work with talent.  

Hour three usually involves going over production workflow – from getting the images off the camera to managing files and setting up photoshop and working on some selects from your shoot. I’ll explain how I sort, manage, and convert RAW files. Many people like to show me their workflow and how they have been doing it to see there’s room for tuning or more efficiency.

One student picked 10 of his favorite photos I’ve shot nd we spent half the hour reverse engineering them – I explained how I lit them and why and what choices I made in post production.

I charge $100 an hour with a 3hr minimum. I recommend limiting it to three hours for the first session and that you approach it as an overview and a chance to work on the areas that have been holding you back.   If you identify areas you would like to cover in more detail we can always schdule additional time to focus directly on those areas.

After the first session you’ll have a better idea of how ithings go and what value you’re getting and what to prepare for the next time. I’ve have a high rate of return visits and satisfaction from my clients. 

I’m booking four of these between now and the end of March.  These will be the last sessions I do at this rate I’m putting a workshop circuit together and will be focusing more on group settings. These rates are for sessions in the Los Angeles area.

If you want me to put on the umpire suit so you can punch me in the chest it will cost extra.

Thank you for your interest,